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Edge of a Silent Time
Edge of a Silent Time
Chapter 1: Flare in the Dark
My body quivered as I took the final step to destruction. The cold steel in my hands inching  forward. The warm fluid taking the last of my light. The pain my body felt was immeasurable.  The light that once was, would now only allow me to see the red that filled my future. The darkness my life would be was shown for the first time in this dimmed reality
My chiseled chin was mirrored perfectly in the Demonic red fluid. My muscles grew tense as my hand retreated and soon my whole mind would fade. As my head fell forward bringing the rest of my body crashing forward. The last thing I saw was demonic eyes looking back at me, ripping apart my soul with there gaze, and then I was gone.
The next thing I knew, all was gone. I could feel how weightless my body was, as if I was floating in  a sea nothing mattered. Then it came, a shock that pulled me out of my own world. And I came crashing into the cold waste that
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nico test 1 by makeshifthero36 nico test 1 :iconmakeshifthero36:makeshifthero36 2 6 said cat 1 by makeshifthero36 said cat 1 :iconmakeshifthero36:makeshifthero36 4 1 nico by makeshifthero36 nico :iconmakeshifthero36:makeshifthero36 3 3 turnip by makeshifthero36 turnip :iconmakeshifthero36:makeshifthero36 3 47
my angel
My angel
As she sits perched on her window seal
I look up with a glowing smile
To see the chains that make her ill
I am but a weak knight, unfit to face the vile
I stand my ground
I know simply that I must try
I may never give up, for there is only one angel to b e found
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twilight gnome by makeshifthero36 twilight gnome :iconmakeshifthero36:makeshifthero36 0 4 pixel baron and his cane :P by makeshifthero36 pixel baron and his cane :P :iconmakeshifthero36:makeshifthero36 2 1 Meaty by makeshifthero36 Meaty :iconmakeshifthero36:makeshifthero36 2 8 First emote by makeshifthero36 First emote :iconmakeshifthero36:makeshifthero36 1 5 weegies 1000 page veiws by makeshifthero36 weegies 1000 page veiws :iconmakeshifthero36:makeshifthero36 0 2 my college fund by makeshifthero36 my college fund :iconmakeshifthero36:makeshifthero36 1 7
enders stone chapter2
Enders Stone
Chapter 2: Silence of the desert rose
The man below had a ominous look on his face as he looked at the decorations in the keep. The man smiled as he saw a picture, in this painting was a beautiful girl and her older brother, he was fairly well armoured. Suddenly the man ripped the picture off the wall crushing it in his gauntlet.
Suddenly his head turned to view the stair case. what he saw shocked him and surprised him. His face lit up in anger as he approached it. His lips opened only to let his dark voice fill the air, he had a look of endless hatred and disgust. “Were is she” his voice sang out with a low melody.
The guard standing on the staircase ran up screaming to the other guards as a sign of warning. The dark shadow of the blonde man smiled , his smile almost like a tornado in a sweet summer day. “My name is Darius” The man said softly as his hand reached for his blade. The guards moved back there eyes filled with terror.
Like thunder in a stor
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enders stone Chapter 1
Enders stone
Chapter one : Ray of forgotten hope
The guard moved quickly throughout The large tower known as Gormand Keep. The keep was a large tower, it had been a hideout for various rebel leaders during the war of the ages 5 years ago. He ancient tower was well kept. It was now hold to a large treasure that anyone, man or beast, would be after.
The tower rocked as one of its walls crumbled. The guard had to head up to the top, but he found it incredibly hard to propel himself up the spiral stairs as the tower swayed like a flower in the wind. The large tower shook more causing the guard to almost plummet to his death.
Within ten minutes The guard reached his perch atop the keep. He was with many guards arming weapons. A large weapon Was facing the northern desert that was clouded up with a large beast. The weapon had large spears that were marked with cracks. There was a large boiler at the base of the machine that seemed to power an engine that would launch and spin the spear.
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chapter 4 of prospect crystial
Prospect crystiallus
Chapter 4: The darkened light
The light was blinding on Jacobs eyes, But it didn’t strain him for long. With a creak the light was moved aside to reveal an old man. The old man wore a large orange robe, he had various instruments that seemed to glow. “Sir, hold still” Said the figure.
Jacobs head was filled with worry as those words escaped the statues mouth. Jacob tried to struggle but his body was trapped against the straps that held him down. He moved frantically against the straps only to be stopped by the light of the blade above his head. It sent an endless shiver up his spine.
Suddenly like a mantra, The words “self preservation” Were chiming through his head. A beast inside him spoke these words. They seemed to escape into reality as blood escaped from his shoulder. The scalpel shot out of his arm, but it wasn’t the only thing released from the corrupted sanctuary that was his arm.
It was only a seconds grasp before Jacob reali
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Prospect crystiallus chapter 3
Chapter 3: through dark and light
        The ground was a numbing cold, neutralizing all heat in the air. Jacobs body was but a small lump of shadow hiding the endlessly white plate of snow which  his body was being buried under. There was one light in the dark void of Jacobs  body. It was not vengeance, nor hatred, but simply the pain of his own corruption. His suffering seemed like a flaming spiral inside his body. It climbed higher and higher inside him until a final scream escaped his blue lips.
With the dulling roar of the lion, all the peaceful glaciers silence flooded back.  Jacobs body surrounded by the sweet cold begging for surrender, for heat, for entirety.
When Jacob awoke he was on a stone floor. Colored lights filled his eyes  as he stared up at an immaculate window filled with coloured stones. It wasn’t long for him to realise he was adrift, in water, in thought, and in his own exhausti
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omg lol
"omg lol w8 4 meh!1" cried Wendy as she hastily grabbed her textbook and slammed her locker door shut. The second bell had rung five minutes ago, and her two friends were already across the hallway. They stood in front of a door with a sign that read "chatsp33k". Mary Beth, the eldest of Wendy's little posse, waved her hot pink painted fingers at Wendy.
"hurry!!11! were l8 lol," she beckoned.
"im coming lol," said Wendy. She trotted down the hall towards the two, who were already heading through the door into the Chatspeak classroom. Wendy panted as she took her seat, which was located directly in front of Mr. Parsley's desk, the Chatspeak instructor.
"u 3 r l8 AGAIN1!" said Mr. Parsley. "wot do i have 2 do 2 get u 3 to com ein on tyme?"
"sry," apologized the three girls.
Mr. Parsley scoffed. "nevre let i thapen a gain." He cleared his throat. "now, az i wuz saying b4 teh interupshon, did every1 turn in teh homwork form last nite?"
Everyone in the class, except for the three girls, who
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Space Vagabonds: Nighthound by ukitakumuki Space Vagabonds: Nighthound :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 3,554 197 Shadows of Oblivion Zero Cover by Shono Shadows of Oblivion Zero Cover :iconshono:Shono 54 31 Warrior. by spacecoyote Warrior. :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 3,988 0



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